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D r e a m B i g g e r

Preventing Violence

against Women & Children

Rebuilding Lives

Dream Bigger is committed to preventing violence against women & children through legal, financial, educational & career coaching, connection to community & networking, the creation of new innovative services designed to create long-term permanent financial self-sufficiency & safety. 

Since 2008 Dream Bigger has helped abused women navigate the multiple challenges that exist in the educational, legal & social service systems. Lasting success hinges on experienced advocacy & one-on-one long-term Assistance.


While many agencies commonly assist with temporary housing, Dream Bigger assists women one-on-one long term to achieve necessary resources for success while pursuing education, careers & lasting independence while becoming Self-Sustaining Financially Independent Community Members. 

Dream Bigger Advocates obtain resources clients aren’t aware of, using our advocacy experience to forego common options that we know wouldn’t actually be realized. Our Strategies focus on Long-Term Lasting Results. Clients are assisted one-on-one with hands-on advocacy support through all applications to stay on the path to success.


Dream Bigger partners with the Women’s Independence Scholarship Program founded by Doris & Warren Buffett, a program that assists agencies like ours by providing living expenses for our clients during their educational career-building stage. Unexpected expenses such as failed transportation, childcare, computer crashes and/or housing complications can often cause students to drop out of school. These costs aren’t covered by educational grants of course but are covered by the WISP Scholarship. Dreams are achieved sooner without delays & stress resulting in stable homes, education, healthy children & families as well as lasting financial security & safety. Thank you for your support in helping build new lives for women, expanding our reach, increasing the # of families achieving self-sufficient independent futures & Safe Homes! 


Dream Bigger's Coaching Program depends on the generous donations of businesses & individuals to maintain & grow. While many community agencies offer short-term strategies for abused women such as temporary shelters, Dream Bigger focuses on long-term lasting educational & career solutions which halts their temptation of returning to abuse but rather strengthens them to becoming independent financially self-sufficient mothers and community members.  

Please consider donating toward Dream Bigger's mission: the long-term safety & success of abused women & children!

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