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You'd Like Someone To Talk To, Someone Who Understands Difficult Relationships, Day Or Night, Call The Hotline: 1-800-799-7233; Call As Often As You Like, Daily If You Want.  (You Don't Have To Give Your Name). Sometimes it helps to have a listening ear during hard times, so you don't have to be alone.

If you'd like a local whatcom county number to call, dvsas is available 24 hours as well: 360-715-1563, or 877-715-1563.

If you're considering going to your Church Leaders for help, please re-consider. Most often, this increases the danger you're in due to many complications. The organizations listed below are safe for you to talk to, they will not share with others what you've told them, they won't talk to your spouse or others, which can increase your troubles. They are available to help you.

When Love Hurts Group:
Consider taking part in a 10-week 
"When Love Hurts" Group for women, 
for more information, call: Mary Lee, M.C, Bellingham, Washington, 360-961-3975 .  

*New Groups will be forming soon on Friday Evenings in April 2012 (or possibly other times/dates, please call to inquire). *Please Spread The Word If you know a woman who is experiencing or has experienced Intimate Partner Violence.  This Group is a Very Healing, Safe and Nurturing experience.  

Support Groups:
Focus Ministries: www.FocusMinistries1.org
Northwest Family Life Learning & Counseling Center 1015 NE 113th St.  
Seattle, WA 98125 (206) 363-9601 www.northwestfamilylife.org

Mary Lee, M.C, Bellingham, Washington, 360-961-3975

Northwest Family Life Learning & Counseling Center 1015 NE 113th St. Seattle, WA 98125 (206) 363-9601 www.northwestfamilylife.org

Helpful Websites To Peruse:

Books You May Find Helpful:
Some of these may be available to borrow at your own Public Library. Many can be read in part online:

The Verbally Abusive Relationship
by Patricia Evans

When Love Hurts 
by Karen McAndless-Davis & Jill Cory 

When Love Hurts Website:  www.WhenLoveHurts.ca 

By Susan Weitzman

When Dad Hurts Mom 
by Lundy Bancroft

Why Does He Do That?
by Lundy Bancroft

Women Healing From Abuse
Meditations for Finding Peace
By Nicole Sotelo

Smart Women Finish Rich 
by David Bach

Refuge: A Pathway Out of Domestic Violence and Abuse, By Don Sargent

The National Domestic Violence Hotline Facebook Blog:http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/NationalDomesticViolenceHotline
Audio/Video Recordings:
Protection and Healing: Understanding a Batterer's Impact on the Mother-Child Relationship, Bancroft, author of "When Dad Hurts Mom" & "Why Does He Do That?"

Articles You May Find Helpful:
Wise, Foolish & Evil People: (A Henry Cloud Teaching Video)

Info on  Court & Child Custody:

American Bar Association 
Domestic Violence Pro Bono Directory:

Washington Women In Need is an amazing organization dedicated to helping Washington State Women through hard times in their lives by providing Health Insurance, Educational Scholarships & other special needs:

Believing That You Can
By Jentezen Franklin

The Prayer That Changes Everything by Stormie Omartian Read in Part on Google Books: 

"Have You Felt Like Giving Up Lately?" by David Wilkerson: "Thank God for well-meaning friends, but ... Put them in your place just once ... and they would be saying to you, "How in the world can you take it?  I couldn't handle what you are going through! ...

Part of the pain a broken heart must suffer is the thought that the offender, the heartbreaker, is going to get away with it all. The heart says, "I am the one hurt and wounded; yet I'm the one who pays the price.  The offender gets off scot-free ... That's the problem with crosses, The Wrong Person Gets Crucified ... but God keeps the books  ...  no matter how they try to justify their hurtful actions, they cannot drown out the cries of the ones they have wounded. Like the blood of Abel, which cried out from the ground, the cries of a broken heart can pierce the barrier of time and space ... Every Liar Must Eventually Be Brought To Justice ...

Is there a balm for a broken heart?  Is there healing for those deep hurts? Can the pieces be put back together and the heart be made even stronger? Can the person who has known such horrible pain and suffering rise out of the ashes of depression and find a new and powerful way of life?  Yes! Absolutely Yes!"
Have You Felt Like Giving Up Lately 
by David Wilkerson
Read This Book In Part online

How to get a date worth keeping:
be dating in six months or your money back
By Henry Cloud

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